1. We know some people who could stand to lose that power.(via http://bit.ly/1hU7788) 10 hours ago
  2. Ninja Weekend stealthily snuck away, but you can still play the 15 Unbeatable Ninja Games collection on AddictingGames.com. 14 hours ago
  3. phatypuscomics:

Red Shell in 3 … 2 …
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1 day ago
  4. He probably made more noise than Clickers.
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  5. Sharpen your thumbs. It’s Ninja Weekend on AG!pwnAG.com/nw 4 days ago
  6. Throwback Thursday Level: Feudal Japan. This weekend is Ninja Weekend on AG!pwnAG.com/nw 5 days ago
  7. It’s the Ciiiiiiiiircle of Liiiiiiiife!
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  8. killscreen:

"Dawn of gaming" by Naolito
6 days ago
  9. He’ll need the getaway skills after catching two stars for texting and driving.
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  10. He’s totally got this.
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