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Here is what’s likely my last gaming parody.  I’m working on some original comics that I can’t wait to show you.  Dream super.

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2 months ago
  2. Master Mower.

I added color to a black-and-white comic from awhile back, and removed some text.  
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3 months ago
  3. This is also the difference between the weekend and Monday morning.

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What Growing Up Feels Like

Extra flappy

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3 months ago
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Donkey Slam.

One’s an leftover relic from the Reagan Era, and the other is Zangief.
3 months ago
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It’s Just a Vase He’s Going Through
Created by Aniforce
3 months ago
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Now with a credit!

3 months ago
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  10. We were also kinda sad Majora’s Mask had nothing to do with that ’80s cartoon show “M.A.S.K.”
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